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Subscriber Account active since. Shutterstock Is it OK to lie in order to protect your personal information online? Apparently plenty of people think so. Creating an online persona can be one way to help protect yourself against the intrusions of a hyper-connected world. It’s no secret that search engines, websites and apps often track your activities and then use that information to target you for services or products they hope you may buy, or to serve up online ads. While government agencies figure out how involved they want to be in protecting consumers’ personal information, you can take some control by creating your alter ego for surfing the Net, signing up for coupons or online offers, etc.

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Generally, aliases are used to make the column headings in your result set easier to read. In this example, we’ve aliased the MAX salary field as highest. As a result, highest will display as the heading for the second column when the result set is returned.

Understand mutability and mutable objects; Identify aliasing and understand the dangers of Getting good performance is one reason why we use mutable objects. Let’s consider Date, one of the built-in Java classes. be to develop the snapshot diagram in your head, so you can visualize what’s happening in the code.

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Name or Nickname Name, nickname or keywords. What are you like? Things you Like. Important Words?

What is alias name? A: If a person is known by any other name in addition to his real/ official name then the other name falls under the category.

Before we move on to the next chapter, we want to introduce a feature that can make your Git experience simpler, easier, and more familiar: aliases. Here are a couple of examples you may want to set up:. This means that, for example, instead of typing git commit , you just need to type git ci. This technique can also be very useful in creating commands that you think should exist. For example, to correct the usability problem you encountered with unstaging a file, you can add your own unstage alias to Git:.

As you can tell, Git simply replaces the new command with whatever you alias it for. However, maybe you want to run an external command, rather than a Git subcommand. In that case, you start the command with a! This is useful if you write your own tools that work with a Git repository. We can demonstrate by aliasing git visual to run gitk :. Getting Started 1.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Surnames can reveal much about your family history, but they can also be a minefield of misinformation. Very much if the wit of man could find it out. The sources from which names are derived are almost endless: nicknames, physical attributes, counties, trades, heraldic charges, and almost every object known to mankind. Tracing a family tree in practice involves looking at lists of these names – this is how we recognise our ancestors when we find them.

Before the Norman Conquest of Britain, people did not have hereditary surnames: they were known just by a personal name or nickname.

PHP + also allows aliasing or importing function and constant names. unnecessary and not recommended, as import names must be fully qualified, and are.

The ability to refer to an external fully qualified name with an alias, or importing, is an important feature of namespaces. This is similar to the ability of unix-based filesystems to create symbolic links to a file or to a directory. All versions of PHP that support namespaces support three kinds of aliasing or importing: aliasing a class name, aliasing an interface name, and aliasing a namespace name.

PHP 5. In PHP, aliasing is accomplished with the use operator. Importing is performed at compile-time, and so does not affect dynamic class, function or constant names. Example 3 Importing and dynamic names. In addition, importing only affects unqualified and qualified names. Fully qualified names are absolute, and unaffected by imports. Example 4 Importing and fully qualified names.

The use keyword must be declared in the outermost scope of a file the global scope or inside namespace declarations.

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There are a few recommended ways to format and organize Cypher queries so that data naming and formatting is consistent and easy-to-read. The next few paragraphs will show the recommendations with some examples. Formatting nodes, relationships, labels, and properties help to make queries cleaner. If each of these components has a different style, then it is easy to pick out these items in a query and visually separate each to understand the syntax better.

Let us look at each recommendation. Node labels are styled in CamelCase where the first letter of each word begins with a capital letter.

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However, you can change this value by specifying a different publishDir in your site configuration. The permalinks option in your site configuration allows you to adjust the directory paths i. RelPermalink will honor the adjustments made as a result of the mappings in this option. For example, if one of your sections is called posts and you want to adjust the canonical path to be hierarchical based on the year, month, and post title, you could set up the following configurations in YAML and TOML, respectively.

If the standard date-based permalink configuration does not meet your needs, you can also format URL segments using Go time formatting directives. For example, a URL structure with two digit years and month and day digits without zero padding can be accomplished with:. You can also configure permalinks of taxonomies with the same syntax, by using the plural form of the taxonomy instead of the section.

You will probably only want to use the configuration values :slug or :title. The following is a list of values that can be used in a permalink definition in your site config file. You can create an aliases field in the front matter of your new my-awesome-blog-post. Now when you visit any of the locations specified in aliases—i. For example, a visitor to example. On multilingual sites , each translation of a post can have unique aliases. To use the same alias across multiple languages, prefix it with the language code.

2.7 Git Basics – Git Aliases

You can add parameters to the advanced functions that you write, and use parameter attributes and arguments to limit the parameter values that function users submit with the parameter. The parameters that you add to your function are available to users in addition to the common parameters that PowerShell adds automatically to all cmdlets and advanced functions. Beginning in PowerShell 3. Splatting is valid on simple and advanced functions.

When you supply strings as arguments to parameters that expect a different type, PowerShell implicitly converts the strings to the parameter target type.

Unless a transaction involves an exact match, it is recommended that you contact How do I find the date a Specially Designated National (or other sanctions target) Each SDN alias was run through a computer program that evaluated the​.

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