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Silent Dating is the new style of dating. The Eyes have it!! It is said that the eyes are the windows to the very soul of a person and what better way to meet your perfect match then with an eye-gazing event. The evening is organised much like a speed-dating event, only the timing is for minutes of non-verbal eye-to-eye contact. We need an equal mix of men and women for the events so do come along. The event starts prompt at 8pm but do check in with us from 7. Contact the event organiser Emma for more information.

Silent speed dating: when actions speak louder than words

London – Candles and languid electro-jazz set the scene for a romantic rendezvous at a north London bar, but the couple sitting face-to-face can use only their eyes to beguile. The second silent date is the latest attempt by Londoners to reinvent the city’s intoxicating world of nightclubs, bars and fleeting liaisons. It is the brainchild of Adam Taffler, actor and cultural entrepreneur, who got the idea during a visit to Australia.

He believes it is time to move beyond the world of words, which can often be used to conceal true personalities.

But silent speed dating – or Shhh Dating, as it’s officially called, is the latest trend sweeping over London singletons, and with a nationwide plan.

Call me crazy but, in my experience, strange men coming at me from silent is normally a fight or flight situation. However, the group is bonding over shared experiences — exactly what ringmaster Adam is dating for. Silent break to take sips of water or gulps of wine thing dating awkward down to the main event: eye-gazing dating. It sounds simple. But it is not. I think about how the world would be a nicer place if we all but this — made genuine, non-sexual connections — on a daily basis.

I also consider how many people I would date on sight but rule out when they open their mouth. And each make a note of the previous number and write silent notes alongside. Sometimes, I stare so hard that their face dissolves to one prominent eyeball. But then my mind drifts to domestic homicide. He could murder me.

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Or as I prefer to call it, being undisturbed by the limits of their conversation. So I joined 40 other silent dating hopefuls at a bar in south London to find out if I can change the habit of a lifetime and communicate non-verbally. Calling for silence, maestro Adam began the first half of the evening by breaking the ice with some games. Twirling the ends of his extravagant handlebar moustache, Adam then invited the boys to join us in the main room. Hands in back pockets, they crept into the middle of the floor, possibly hoping it would swallow them up, while the girls practically backed themselves into the walls.

Over the next half an hour, Adam tried all sorts of crazy techniques to break down that British reserve.

I Went to a Silent Speed-Dating Night

Quit swiping and read on for where to meet your perfect match. Events begin with warm-ups and icebreakers, before moving onto other exercises that invite a deeper connection. Click here to find out more about the next Deep Dating event. Unsurprisingly in , vegan dating is a thing.

Silent Dating, Sunny’s formerly The Oak Bar, Teddington – Event dates and times, admission prices, nearest station, map and user reviews.

By Lucy Cavendish. Standing with 13 other nervous women in a room above a central London pub, I’m about to make what may be my most bizarre attempt to witness people trying to find love. There will be no small talk before – and no sweet nothings afterwards. In fact, not a single word will pass our lips for the next two hours.

Shh dating: Word of mouth has seen the spread of ‘speed dating without the talking’. I am usually a chatterbox, desperately wittering on to try and fill any awkward silences. But not this evening. Billed as ‘speed dating without the talking’, Shhh Dating nights launched in London earlier this year and ironically word of mouth has seen them spread so fast across the capital that organisers are looking to expand them across the UK.

It’s very intimate. But despite the fact that this is meant to be a ‘silent’ night, the amassed women are, perhaps unsurprisingly, soon gossiping away.

The Look of Love? – Shhh Dating

Join the Silent Adventures Team as we take you on a journey of song and dance through the famous streets of London. This musically instructed adventure aims to have your funky moves on display and your pop star voices serenading the people of the capital! Hi-tech headsets will fill your body with beats, theme songs and your favourite hits from across the decades. As your inhibitions evaporate and laughter takes over, you will be part of the best all-dance, all-singing walking tour in town!

Wear comfy shoes, bring water, an open mind and the whole family!

Feb 11, – Cool and Quirky Events London | Fun and Alternative Events in London Buy tickets for The Silent Disco Boat Party at Dutch Master London.

Love at first sight? Normally, when you go on a date and no one says anything all night, it’s a bad thing. And really awkward. But silent dating is actually a thing that people do voluntarily. Shhh Dating is founded on the belief that “we are instinctively better at communicating and choosing the right partners when we have the chance to put aside words and see each other as we really are,” their website explains.

For two hours, participants meet members of the opposite sex without saying a word. Instead, they rely on hand gestures and, um, sounds. Lucy Baker, the organizer, makes everyone start the evening by jumping in the air and shouting “Oogly-boogly-oo! Apparently this relieves tensions and makes everyone feel less awkward about using sounds to make conversation. Each mini-date involves two one-minute components. In the first half, couples gesticulate away to try and get to know each other.

Then, for the remaining 60 seconds, couples just stare into each others’ eyes.

Ssshhh! How the cult of quiet can change your life

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Silent Speed Dating

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