Lock and Key – History of Keys and Locks

The town of Hexham is located near the confluence of the rivers North and South Tyne. Its location has been strongly influenced by its position on a significant east-west cross country route and close to the easiest crossing point over the river. The site is one where there is a good water supply and the land is suitable for cultivation, so it has been an ideal location for settlement for many centuries. Both groups appear to signify the secular and ecclesiastical interests which sought to control the town and the region. But the archaeology of Hexham starts long before Wilfrid founded his church there. The earliest evidence of human occupation in the area dates to the Neolithic period. A Neolithic carved rock has been found among a number of carved stones of various dates in the Abbey; however its original prehistoric location is no longer known. Two additional stones of the same type and date have also been found at Shield Croft Farm near Gallows Bank, lending weight to the possibility of Neolithic occupation in the area.

Local History

Post a comment. Friday, May 29 Everyday Medieval Possessions. For me, one of the most interesting parts of historical research for my novels is getting up close and personal with history. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, along with my fondness for looking at the lives of ordinary people. A recent research trip saw me heading off to Ireland and one of the stops was the port city of Waterford.

In the database the dating based on available archaeological data is listed, The documentation included the keys needed to interpret the.

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Ironworking technology and social complexity of rural comunities during the Early Medieval Ages

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Located in the main central shopping street of Goodramgate, our pub is a stone’s throw of York Minster.

7th Grade World History Textbook Medieval And Early Modern 7th grade students study the history and The medieval times date from the 5th World History Test Guides/Answer Keys Grade 7: Medieval and Early.

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Key Events in French History

The archaeology of the Corbridge parish is dominated by two settlements: namely the Roman garrison town of Corstopitum and the later, medieval town of Corbridge, located slightly further east. As with so many river valley towns, these settlements grew up at crossing points of the River Tyne. The river valley was also an important route along which communication and movement occurred from the earliest times and the relatively large number of prehistoric sites and finds around Corbridge would suggest that this was an attractive area to settle for thousands of years before Roman soldiers ever set foot on British soil.

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A skeleton key is a key on which the inside bit has been hollowed so that the key can open many different locks. On a skeleton key, the serrated edge has been removed to allow the key to serve as a master key to open many different warded locks within a specific system. But how do these old things work and what do they symbolize? Read on to unlock everything you ever wanted to know about these interesting keys. Learn About Lock Art.

However, the name often refers to any antique key, no matter how ornate. As long as there is a bow, a narrow shank or shaft, and a flat extension on one side near the bottom of the shaft, a key is often considered a skeleton key. With a warded lock , a skeleton key lacks interior notches to interfere with or correspond with the wards, or obstructions, thereby allowing it to open the lock.

In a lever lock —that is, a lock with a set of levers and wards—the skeleton key can push the levers to the correct height while bypassing the wards. In this type of system, each lock will still have its own key that corresponds with the wards; the skeleton key, or master key, can open any of the locks within that system.

You may find these locks at hotels, office buildings, schools, or apartment buildings. Additionally, antique or reproduction antique skeleton keys are known for their intricate details. Or maybe you live in an old home that still has the original locks on interior doors. You have a couple of options: A locksmith can help you out.

replace those medieval keys with ola fingerprint lock

Need help making a choice? If you have questions, ask us! This set of dungeon keys can be a great costume accessory of prop in re-enactment or parties from medieval through to pirates themes. Whether wearing them as a jailer or having them sitting on a table or hanging on a hook these can add an extra bit of detail to make it feel more authentic. Included in these categories: Practical Hand Forged Items.

Feb 25, – Key Iron key: long thin solid stem; kidney-shapeded bow; deeply notched web on all 3 edges. Production Date: Late Medieval; 15th century.

Events in Key West for Year Blue Moon Kayak is honoring the tradition of cleansing the past year away and getting a refreshing start to What a better way than cleaning with purifying natural sea salt in the Gulf of Mexico. Start the year off right! Scored for piano, cello, clarinet and double bass, and sung in English, the storylines are riveting, fresh and relevant.

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File:A Medieval copper alloy casket key dating late 12th – early 14th century. (FindID 550466).jpg

Old London Bridge, Kids would chant the ditty…well, usually just the first verse or two…while two kids held hands to form an arch. The other kids would pass under the arch until the end of the rhyme. Then, the arch would fall, trapping a kid between the arms of the other two. Once you were captured, you were eliminated, and the game went on until only one player was left. It was a fun and innocent schoolyard game.

There is no single starting date for “French” history. the French state, helping transform it from a medieval institution to a modern one.

London is a royal city and has preserved its ceremonies and traditions over hundreds of years. Some are every day and some are every year. The most traditional ceremonies and most popular attractions are the Trooping of the Colour and the Changing of the Guard. Before every State Opening of Parliament , the Yeomen of the Guard search the cellars beneath the Palace of Westminster by the light of old candle-lanterns.

This precaution has been undertaken every year since , when the ” Gunpowder Conspirators ” attempted to blow up parliament on the day of the State Opening. See the pictures. Dating back to Medieval London, this ceremony marks the beginning of a new session of Parliament and allows the Government to announce its programme for that session. The ceremony features peers and bishops in traditional robes and a royal procession involving the State Coach.

Once the Queen arrives at Parliament the union flag is lowered and replaced by the royal standard.


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